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Welcome to Infusd – a sanctuary of holistic wellness. Our exclusive range of products,
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  • Balances mood
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Increased Focus
  • Helps Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties
  • Targets Your ECS Receptors
  • Increased Productivity

With wellness isolates becoming increasingly embraced across the UK, especially among athletes and sports enthusiasts seeking recovery aid, the landscape is changing. Numerous professionals have shared their positive experiences with wellness isolates, highlighting their role in recovery after injuries, from aiding pain management to soothing muscle strains. Emerging clinical studies are now exploring the pain-relieving potential of these isolates, with preliminary evidence showing promise. Infusd stands at the forefront, offering the Ultimate Recovery Set, a collection of topical products specifically designed to support recovery and pain relief.


In today's world, stress and anxiety are all too common, stemming from various sources such as work, relationships, and financial pressures. However, relief is within reach. Many have discovered the soothing properties of wellness isolates, with numerous accounts and growing clinical support attesting to their effectiveness in promoting calm and combating anxiety. Our De-stress Set features carefully chosen Infusd products, crafted to promote relaxation and help you unwind.


Achieving adequate rest is a universal challenge, with many struggling to secure the necessary hours of sleep, a direct consequence of our non-stop modern lifestyle. Fortunately, the soothing benefits of wellness isolates are gaining recognition, with studies linking these products to improved sleep patterns in individuals facing insomnia. Explore our Ultimate Sleep Set and experience how our products could revolutionize your sleep habits.


Maintaining focus in an era filled with constant distractions, from endless work emails to social media notifications, is increasingly difficult. Yet, an effective aid is found in wellness isolates, known for their potential to reduce stress and anxiety levels, thereby enhancing focus. Discover the benefits our isolate-based products can offer, designed to help you maintain concentration on what truly matters.


As wellness isolates gain traction for their broad-ranging benefits, they are becoming staples for athletes and those seeking recovery aids. From personal testimonials to supportive early research, the effectiveness of these isolates in managing pain and aiding in muscle recovery is being recognized. If you’re in search of top-tier wellness products online in the UK, look no further than Infusd. Our Ultimate Recovery Set offers a range of topical products tailored for recovery and pain relief.

The Highest Quality Isolate

In a landscape often diluted with lesser quality offerings, our commitment is to excellence. Our mission revolves around maximizing the potential of wellness isolates, delivering unparalleled products across the UK. This dedication drives us to incorporate Isolate into our entire range, from Wellness Drops to Lip Balms and Bath Bombs. Our approach ensures that customers can tap into the untainted benefits and remarkable virtues of isolates.

While other wellness products on the market might utilize a variety of plant derivatives, we focus singularly on the potency and purity that Isolate brings. Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum options often contain a complex mix of components, making it impossible to list them all. In contrast, our premium Isolates are guaranteed to offer at least 99% purity. This stringent quality control offers our customers the peace of mind that they are accessing products made with only the highest quality ingredients.

I worked with Infusd and had an amazing experience! It came quickly and everything was packaged amazingly. The drinks themselves were very beneficial and will definitely be purchasing again ! Would love to work with you again!


Infusd is honestly the BEST way to get your greens in! It is truly the only greens powder I actually like the taste of. Their blueberry drops are also yum and really help with winding down in the evening or de-stressing mid-day....

Alexandria Hobday

Infusd are a lovely brand to work for with UGC content, very responsive and kind. Their products are absolutely lovely and are a game changer to the market ! Thank You

Heather Crick

I have recently started taking the Real Greens effervescent tablets as I am marathon-training. Great product to ensure I'm getting additional nutritional goodness whilst my body is being put through it's paces.

Stu Miller

I have recently started using infused super greens tablets and I love them! You can mix them into any drink and they have such great benefits. I look forward to using these long term


Infusd are a fantastic brand, who have helped my calm my anxiety and provide me with energy I never knew I had. I have been using the drops and the super greens for the past couple of months and have never felt better. I highly recommend.

Jadene Gartshore

Infusd is a reliable company and their products are brilliant. I'm a big fan of their superfood green tablets, as they're great for adding a little bit more nutrition to your diet.



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